St*rf*ck*r rocks 9-9-09, plans name change


Starfucker fucked selves with moniker.

For their third Boise appearance (the scheduled house show earlier this year was called on account of police interference), Portland, Ore.-based Starfucker buzzed through a too-short set at Neurolux that was well worth staying up late on a school night for.

A late arrival had fellow Starfucker fan and BW writer Mathias Morache and I both worried that we might not see a show we'd both been anticipating for weeks. But the foursome definitely came through and offered up a high-energy performance with songs like "laadeedaa," "Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second" and, a personal fave, "Dance Face 2000."

Watching them switch instruments—Starfucker founder Josh Hodges moved from guitar, to keys to drums—and co-frontman Ryan Bjornstad's mad scratching skills kept us riveted. It seemed like the show had just gotten started when suddenly it ended.

The big news of the night was that Starfucker is changing their name. Bjornstad told the crowd that they were taking suggestions.

"We'll give the winner something cool," Bjornstad said. "Maybe a new car."

They probably won't be giving away a new car, but the part about changing their name was true. During a post-show chat Hodges said he's been thinking about it for nearly a year.

"It's too bad, but it's hurt us. We can headline shows, but we can't get on a tour," Hodges said. "We can't get on a tour with bands like Of Montreal and Passion Pit because of the name."

And Bjornstad is a father now. A name change may help avoid the day his kid's kindergarten teacher asks the class what their parents do for a living and baby Bjornstad says, "My daddy's a Starfucker."

It's unfortunate—the name was part of their charm and the novelty of it definitely got people out to see them—but understandable. And for some of us, it's a good thing. My T-shirt, LP and CD may go up in value.