Rall on Rall


Ted Rall has been a Boise Weekly staple for a long, long time. I've never met a regular BW reader who didn't have an opinion about his work. Some of you love him. Many of you wish we'd can him. Either way, the man has a knack for inspiring letters to the editor.

Based out of New York, Rall is BW's only non-local regular contributor (although he loved Boise so much when BW flew him out to speak a few years ago, he's promised to move here should we ever have the dough to hire him full time). Revel in New York, a city and culture guide to New York City, recently featured Rall in a Web video in which he talks about almost interviewing Osama bin Laden, his notoriety for poking fun at 9/11 widows in his cartoons and being a contrarian by nature.