Treasure Valley Roller Girls dump out Salt Lake City Salt City Shakers


On Saturday, the Treasure Valley Roller Girls rolled through the Qwest Arena—what they hope will be their new home—for their first bout. TVR did circles around the Salt Lake City Salt City Shakers, finishing the game after two rounds with a score of if I remember correctly, 198 to 58 208 to 58. No, that is not a typo nor did I accidentally add a one two in front of the TVR score.

Those TVR girls stomped their opponents in an exciting show.

With fave speed skater Jill Dozer out with an injury, we worried but needn't have. We watched SLAManda, The Last Jammurai, Ana Rampage and the rest of the team skate like zombies were after them, gaining point after point after point.

Half-time was an adventure, too, as the MTTheory B-Boys broke it down across the concrete.

In the second half, other than a slip, drop and triple roll by ref Skylar, which was worthy of a Bruce Willis action flick, the TVR girls mainly kept their heads up high and their wheels on the floor. In the end, they left us wanting more.

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(Photo courtesy of TVR's myspace site.)