'Boise River does not deserve Simplot name'


Boise State English major and avid kayaker Ben Wickham spent his summer this year working at Boise Weekly as an editorial intern. Returning to the office one week after a few days at Yankee Fork drainage, Wickham shared a few choice words about the destruction J.R. Simplot's mining operation had done to that land.

In today's Reader's Opinion in the Idaho Statesman Wickham responds to an Aug. 13 Reader's Opinion by a former Simplot company exec suggesting that a natural landmark like the South Fork of the Boise River be renamed after Simplot. Describing the "the sifting, tearing and destruction of a watershed" caused by Simplot's mining at Yankee Fork, Wickham argues that Simplot's legacy regarding natural resources is hardly glowing enough to have one named after him.

It's a great read. Check it out here.