"Buhl, Idaho" ... a suspenseful "Napoleon Dynamite"? Let's hope so.


"It's a beautiful morning in the small town of Buhl, Idaho and the landscape is a blur of reds and yellows. A handsome, older teenage boy comes home, dazed and lacking sleep after a long night, obviously worried about something ... Across town, a mother realizes her teenage daughter didn't come the night before and nobody seems to know where she is ... the teenage boy deals with the burden bearing down on him ... two young brothers diligently work to bury the young girl and with her, the secret of what happened to her."

So goes a synopsis of Buhl, Idaho, a new independent feature film starring Scott Glenn (The Bourne Ultimatum) and Alison Elliot (The Spitfire Grill), with Heather Rae (Trudell, Frozen River) at the production helm. Filming begins in the eponymous town of Buhl in mid-October.

And what does a feature film need to be successful? Actors. Where does one find actors for a film set in Idaho? For a change, in Idaho.

Auditions for Buhl, Idaho are on Monday, Sept. 14 in both Boise and Twin Falls for children ages 4 to 12, teens ages 13 to 19 and adults ages 25 to 80 (so, pretty much anybody). Interested? Send a photo and contact info to buhlcasting@gmail.com.

Break a leg!