The Avett Bros. were live at 94.9 The River today



Prior to their performance tonight at the Knitting Factory (with the incredible Heartless Bastards opening), 94.9 The River's invited the Avett Brothers to do a live in-studio-ish performance—in a conference room-turned-listening room at Journal Broadcast Group HQ—and also invited about a dozen or so people in to listen.

DJ Tim Johnstone chatted with brothers Scott and Seth Avett, (Bob Crawford and Joe Kwon let their stand-up bass and cello, respectively, do their talking) about the new album I and Love and You. In between talking about how they write music, working with producer Rick Rubin and an exhausting tour schedule, they played "Laundry Room" off the new album as well as the breathtaking "St. Joseph's" off The Second Gleam among others.


The brothers were charming, well spoken, very funny and, of course, brilliant musicians. Although they all looked like they could use a nap, they spent time after performing to sign posters (awesome!) and meet everyone who stuck around.

Crawford remembered interviewing with me last week, even though I was his fifth interview of the day (and, interestingly enough, he was my fifth interview that day as well). That might have been why, he said laughing as he told his bandmates, that he "was a little loose" on the phone with me, but remembered that "we had a great conversation. A great conversation." He wasn't kidding.

It was a monumental half-hour in which I was completely mesmerized and if I hadn't been all about the Avett Brothers before, I sure as hell would have been after this intimate show. At one point during "Laundry Room," I think I started to swoon, but then realized I was so taken aback by the power of the song, that I had merely forgotten to breathe.