From the congested e-mail inbox of the A&E editor: The Opposite Sex



Gritty guitar, a half-step out of tune, opens "Frozen Heart/Frozen Mind" off the The Opposite Sex's new EP, Live + Burn, the follow up to their 2007 full-length, Violent Heartstrings.

These dark D.C. boys take a cue from Siouxsie and the Banshees, delivering raw, post-punk that sounds like they took their favorite '80s thrash music, pushed it through a '60s psychedelic filter and then asked Husker Du and Robert Smith for input. The title track off of Violent Heartstrings, could honestly mistaken for a Cure b-side. wrote that “The fondest affections are reserved for those new and exciting bands that seem to appear out of thin air… The Opposite Sex is that sort of band…” and Live + Burn might just make them a bit less ethereal.