My Last Five iPhone App Purchases


I don't know if this says anything about me as a person, but the following are the last five applications I've "purchased" from the iTunes App Store. They were all actually free, but iTunes kindly sends me an invoice anyway. (It still freaks me out when I see "Your receipt ..." in the subject line of the e-mail; I'm always afraid that I've spent a ton of money at iTunes and don't remember it.)

1. Coldplay Strawberry Swing, v1.0, Seller: Babelgum
This is a video bundle for Coldplay's "Strawberrty String" single. I got this one because it was free and I'm trying to understand what all the Coldplay fuss is about. The song is good, the video combines CGI and 2D and 3D animation, and the app is bundled with some little games taken straight from the video (fighting off a giant squirrel). It's a little slow to load and you do have to watch the video to unlock the games, but it's a sweet, simple little package.

2. Planets, v1.4, Seller: Dana Peters
Bummer. This one has little functionality. It shows a map of nearby constellations (based on the phone's GPS, I'm assuming) and what time of night the planets are visible but offers nothing in the way of info about them, nor any interaction with the images. During the day, the opening screen informs the user that, during the day, the planets/stars aren't visible to the naked eye. Duh. I deleted this one.

3. Crack the Code Free, v1.02, Seller: Jon Schlegel
A simple codebreaker game in which the user has a certain number of times to find the right sequence in which to put colored balls. It has several degrees of difficulty and is kind of a fun timewaster.

4. NYTimes, v2.2, Seller: The New York Times Company (iDP)
I love this one. I use Google News, too, but because that one aggregates headlines from numerous media outlets, I'm not always familiar with the source of an article. I know and trust NYT but could never afford a subscription. A $300 phone and an $80 per month, two-year contract with AT&T, and now I can read the NYT free every day!

5. NPR News, v1.0, Seller: NPR
I love this one, too. The cool thing about the NPR app (ugh, I'm getting old; I just used "cool" and "NPR" in the same sentence) is that you can listen to the stories while you read them or listen to one while you read another.

If this list says anything about me, it says I'm a sucker for a freebie.