Peregrines Return


Amid the uproar surrounding the announcement of a hunting season on wolves in Idaho, a tidbit of endangered species news seems to have slipped by unnoticed.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game announced earlier this week that it has taken the initial steps to remove the peregrine falcon from the state’s list of threatened and endangered species. The move comes 10 years after the species was removed from the federal Endangered Species List.

The proposal to remove the raptors from the state list was approved by the Idaho Fish and Game Commission during its meeting in July in McCall. If approved by the Idaho State Legislature during its next session, peregrines will be classified as protected nongame birds. If approved, the change will go into effect in next spring.

It’s another big milestone for the raptor, which has become an iconic symbol in Idaho—although we’re still not thrilled with it’s giant chicken-like profile on our state quarter.