Floatin' The River 94.9 with Ken and Tim


Ken Bass

As BW editor Rachael Daigle takes some much-deserved time off, I offered to fill in during her weekly Wednesday morning radio spot on 9.49 The River with Ken Bass and Tim Johnstone. (Ken Bass pictured above)

I've done a couple of regular "Amy Atkins from the Boise Weekly here to talk about what's in the paper or what's going on this weekend" radio gigs in the past, but I'm still surprised when I walk into a studio at how much more there is to being on the radio than just the DJs' dulcet tones. Timing, chemistry, delivery, the technology involved... everything has to be in place. And the best DJs—like Tim and Ken—make it look so easy.

Tim Johnstone
  • Tim Johnstone

Tim and Ken were very gracious hosts and, hopefully, the boss will take more time off and I can fill in for her again.