Wanted: A Tour de Fat get-up


Tour de Fat is this Saturday. What the hell am I going to wear?

First year, I didn't dress up.

Second year, I wrapped myself in silver party fringe—the kind you hang on the wall when you throw a surprise party for a 13 year old. It looked cool until later that afternoon when two things went wrong. First, with the sun at full-bore I blinded everyone who looked my way, refracting sunlight into a hundred directions as I walked. Second, foot-long fringe wrapped around one's body in various lengths mixed with copious amounts of beer make for a no-win situation in the port-a-potty once the party really gets going,

Last year, I put zero thought into my costume until I rolled out of bed late and slightly hungover from the night before. Old dress. Fiver different pairs of socks. Pencils in my hair. I looked ridiculous.

This year, I think I'll plan ahead. Should I: 1. resurrect my devil's costume from Halloween, 2. go with the plastic viking hat and a hot pink boa, or 3. take suggestions from BW readers.

My vote is 3. Bring it.