AppVee chooses top 35 iPhone apps to date. Do you agree?

by guest writer Alex Ahlund (founder of AppVee) posted his top 35 iPhone apps of the year (so far) in a piece eloquently titled, "The 35 Best iPhone Apps of the Year (So Far)." (I'm still trying to figure out why he chose 35. Why not 25 or 50? Why not 37?)

In the year since the iPhone App Store launched, more than 60,000 apps have made their way on to its virtual shelves and they range from the beautiful and useful to the utterly inane.

The iPhone has a gorgeous version of the popular computer game Myst; APIs for Twitter like Tweetdeck and Twitterific are functional and easy to use. Timesucks exist right alongside them, however, like Pour1Out, which lets users dump the contents of a 40 oz. for their dead homies, and Tickle Me! an app in which users touch Andy. And he giggles. (The splash screen has the words Tickle Me! on a red, fuzzy background—Tickle Me an incredibly popular toy based on a Sesame Street character anyone?)

Ahlund categorizes the apps into practicality, games and timesucks (although he refers to them as "Fun Time Wasters") I have Slacker, Tweetdeck and Peggle but found a few on his list I might add.

Which apps do you have? Do you think Ahlund overlooked any that should be on his list or included any that have no right being there? Leave me a comment and let me know.

On a side note,'s (remember that mag?) Ian Cheesman compiled his own list at the end of last year: The 15 Most Completely Useless iPhone Apps (which is where I found Pour1Out and Tickle Me!). This, like so many of's lists, provides for some damn funny reading.