Poor SIMs-ulated Alice and Kev


UK game designer Robin Burkshaw decided to play with the personality traits and environmental aspects coupled with characters' free will for a "poverty experiment" in The Sims 3, and then blog about it.

Kev is "mean spirited, quick to anger, inappropriate, dislikes children and is insane." Sims adults are each given a lifetime wish chosen for them by the gamer. Burkshaw picked "heartbreaker ... He wants to be the boyfriend of 10 different Sims."

Kev's daughter Alice "has a kind heart but suffers from clumsiness and low self-esteem." She and Kev live in a park. They sleep on benches. They survive on free meals and anything they can scrounge up from a kind neighbor. Bathing is a whole other issue.

Burkshaw's Kev in all his under-glory.
  • Robin Burkshaw
  • Burkshaw's Kev in all his under-glory.

Burkshaw recounts Kev's exploits and poor little Alice's failures very matter-of-factly and includes screen shots from the game. If these were real people, the story would be too tragic to contemplate. But because Kev and Alice are Sims, complete with their strange language, thought bubbles and moodlets I didn't feel bad laughing at them, although I did spend way too much time reading about them.

Now I'm hungry and sleepy and need a shower.