Vote, But Vote Right


I’ve noticed a disturbing trend as I’ve been monitoring the 2009 Best of Boise voting.

While we’re thrilled so many of you have cast your votes, too many people haven’t followed directions. As part of the survey, we’ve asked voters to give us at least 20 answers, and we’re serious about this, folks.
If you only answer a couple of questions, your votes will not be counted. Let me repeat that: Your votes will not be counted.

While you might show some serious loyalty for one or more stores/restaurants/individuals, you won’t be helping them if you don’t give us answers to a few more questions. If time is a factor, remember, you can save your answers and finish later by clicking on the "Exit and finish later" button at the bottom of the ballot.

You’ve got until Aug. 28 to vote, so please do it. And please answer a few more questions.