The Sidewinder


So I'm working down at the Bouquet last night and I throw out a string of classic cocktail names.
"Manhattan, Martini, Tom Collins, Sidecar and Sidewinder."
"What's a sidewinder?" Andy says.
"Gosh, I'm not sure," replies I. "It just came out of my mouth. I wan't thinking." Which is common for me. Spout off first and wonder what I said later.
I can make all the others, but I don't know why I said "Sidewinder."
So we look it up. It's not in any bar books the bar has behind the counter. A quick internet search last night at the bar revealed no such drink.
So we made it up.
We felt it should have the rawness of the frontier, a little bit of the South and a bite. Maybe a drop of blood for good measure.
The Sidewinder
1 part whiskey (rye preferred)
1 part Tequila (do not skimp and go for the cheap stuff, go high end and it will make all the difference)
Pour both into a shot glass and finish with a drop of grenadine, which will sink to the bottom.
While this drink may make you wince, that "drop of blood" at the bottom sweetens the whole kit-and-kaboodle. It's not bad. And it can poison you like a real sidewinder.

This morning I researched it a little more deeply and found a cocktail made with tea, vodka and cinnamon (a whole teaspoon). I also found a "Sidewinder Fang" cocktail that is basically a Cosmopolitan minus the lime and with a little Angostura bitters thrown in.

Now ask me about a "Ground Zero" and a "Horse's Neck"