Rollercoaster mania at Silverwood Theme Park


BW Publisher and Art Director made a road trip with kids and Tyler in tow up north to go huckleberry picking, visit Dave and ride the rollercoasters at Silverwood Theme Park. If you go after 5 p.m., tickets are half off and they stay open to 10 p.m. When we first arrived the lines were short and we thought we were set for the night.

As the night progressed, the lines got longer. If you do the same gig, do all the rollercoasters first. My son's head almost exploded on the newest coaster Aftershock but we all agreed that the best one was the last that we rode. One of the two wooden coasters at Silverwood, Tremors ruled. The only major ride that we did not do was Panic Plunge due to mechanical difficulties. When it did start operating again, we thought better to wait until another day when maintenance issues are resolved.