Return of the Chip Seal


f018/1249326746-35319017-1.jpgWell, there goes my commute.

Unlike the overwhelming majority of BW staffers, I do not live in the North End, nor do I live on the Bench. Nope, my daily commute means coming all the way down Chinden Boulevard, which, for the next two weeks, is going to be a pain in the patuttie.

The Idaho Transportation Department just started a chip-sealing project along seven miles of the busy corridor that is expected to last until Monday, Aug. 17.

Crews have started the project where Chinden meets the Connector, and will start with the west-bound lanes to Eagle Road, at which point they’ll turn around and do the same thing to the east-bound lanes.
According to the Idaho Transportation Department, crews should pass 45th Street by the end of today, and make it all the way to Eagle Road by tomorrow evening.

Traffic will be restricted throughout the project, bringing the five-lane road down to just two lanes in each direction. And since most of the work will be done during the day, instead of overnight, some business owners are not pleased. (Disclaimer, one particularly irate business owner happens to be the mother of this reporter, so ITD can thank me later for heading her off before she managed to find the department’s number.)

But ITD promises that access to all businesses will remain open throughout the project, and that it will be wrapped up before the Western Idaho Fair. Still, it looks like I’ll be exploring strange and exciting new routes for a few weeks.