My weekend diversion: Cake Wrecks


I spent WAY too much time this weekend visiting Cake Wrecks.

I found it via one of those sucked-into-the-Internet-vortex moments: a search of something totally unrelated (I don't even remember what), led to photos of ugly wedding dresses which led to photos of ugly wedding cakes which led to Jen Yates' blog dedicated solely to cakes.

According to Yates, a Cake Wreck is "any cake that is unintentionally sad, silly, creepy, inappropriate." Many of the cakes speak for themselves—although with the misspellings, they are often difficult to understand—and Yates' commentary is always funny and usually hilarious. She refers to the creators of these abominations as Wreckerators; to faithful blog readers as Wreckies; and gives the dreaded cupcake cake (which will never be perfectly round no matter how hard you try) the ominous-sounding acronym,the CCC.

Yates has caught on in both the virtual world and in meatspace. She has 695,000-plus followers on Twitter and hundreds of comments follow each post. She recently published a book, appropriately titled Cake Wrecks. She will embark on a book tour in the fall and has asked Wreckies in the cities she's visiting to come up with Wreckplicas: copies of their favorite monstrosities.

When you need to wash your eyes out after scrolling through Cake Wrecks, check out Threadcakes. The folks at, the site that sells stunning, artist-designed tees, asked people to create a cake based on their favorite Threadless design (Yates will help decide the winner). The results are elegant, charming and mind blowing.