It's Pickle Night and I Feel Alright


Morton Canning and Pickling Salt, yeahI just made five jars of pickles. I hope. They were going to be dill pickles but I forgot to grab some dill at the farm so they are just random spice-cabinet pickles. I roughly followed the directions of this guy in France who was following someone else's directions. Only I'm not so good at following directions.

I did the brine alright. Got a 4 lb. box of pickling salt at Winco today for $1.01. I boiled my jars—old pasta sauce and peanut butter jars, quartered my cukes and stacked them vertically. I added whole, unpeeled but slightly beaten garlic cloves and then raided the spice cabinet tapping at least some of the following in: sage (seemed maybe local), parsley, cumin, paprika, fennel, cloves, a bunch of black pepper cloves and thyme ... French thyme, that is.

Then you pour the brine over the cukes and cover with the lid, not tightly screwed on, and then store them under the counter for a few days. I'll report back in a few...


Oh, the fifth jar, not pictured here, is full of whole turnips. Similar, but not exact spice mixture. We'll see how that turns out...