Hyde Park (non) fire


This is definitely not what you'd call solid reporting people.

Last night about 11:30 p.m., I sent out a question onTwitter asking if anyone knew what all the ruckus was about in the North End. Earlier I'd been by Camels Back Park, where a handful of fire trucks were parked, and then again about 11:30 p.m., I heard a whole mess of sirens not too far from my house.

Twitter rumor, via @wendiegoneferal, was that the hotel in Hyde Park, which has been under renovation for at least the last five years, was on fire. I put on some shoes and walked over, Twittering from my personal account the whole way. No visible fire when I arrived, but the air was a little hazy ... and little stinky.

I'd promised to send a Twitpic, but for the first time, my iPhone failed me and absolutely refused to log onto any Web site. So here it is—a dark photo of a few firemen, an intact house and a line of fire trucks. Pretty uneventful, but hey, that's a good thing. Based on how long the renovation has taken thus far, can you imagine just how long it would take to rebuild after a fire?