Blockbuster Goes the Way of VHS


If you’re planning on renting a movie this weekend, you may have to look for a new rental store. Three of the Treasure Valley’s four Blockbuster locations are closing as of Wednesday, July 29.

The closure will leave the location at 1749 State St. as the last Boise Blockbuster standing. Stores at 7048 W. State Street, 3387 Five Mile Road and 13613 McMillan Road will all soon shutter their doors.

Why? Looks like people just aren’t heading to the video store like they used to.

Brad Scott, spokesman for Shazam Entertainment—the Kansas City, Mo. company that own the local franchise—said that Netflix, $1-per-night rentals at Red Box locations, as well as the availability of direct DVR downloads has put a strain on the company.

Scott was clear to point out that this is not a national Blockbuster move, but just a franchisee decision.
The good news for movie and game lovers is that the three closing stores will be selling off their inventory, cheap.

While some moves and games will be transferred to the remaining location, the rest will be sold for $5 each at two locations: 7048 W. State St. (in the Northview shopping center) and at 13613 McMillan (at the corner of Eagle and McMillan roads). Both stores will be open from noon to 7 p.m. on Wednesday, July 29 through Friday, July 31.

After that, you’d better start looking for new options for your at-home movie watching.