Monotonix Comes Back to Rock Your Tube Socks Off


Anyone who caught the hairy, tube sock-clad Israeli band Monotonix open for the Silver Jews at the Neurolux last fall will be psyched to hear that they’re coming back. Anyone who had their drink stolen, got kicked in the face or got a trashcan dumped on them while watching Monotonix at the Neurolux last fall will also be psyched to hear that the raucous band is playing at the much-larger Visual Arts Collective.

Though VAC will undoubtedly have to Monotonix-proof their art gallery to make sure precious things don’t get swept up in the chaos, the venue will still have an ample supply of rafters (aka monkey bars) for lead singer Ami Shalev to swing from.

Though the show is still a ways off—Tuesday, September 22—VAC co-owner Sam Stimpert advises fans to get their $10 tickets early, as he anticipates that the show will sell out.