Mainstream Meat Puppets


ABC Amplified is an ABC News online series in which anchorman Dan Harris takes a look at some of his favorite bands. On Monday, the Web site posted Harris' two-part segment on '80s band the Meat Puppets, whose new album Sewn Together hit store shelves in May.

The Pups' history is a long, twisted tale of brothers Curt and Cris Kirkwood and 30 years of country-punk/alt-rock music, heroin, estrangement, gunfire, jail and redemption. Harris does a nice job stitching the story together in such a way that people who've never heard of the band (people who live in caves) will be intrigued and longtime fans (people who live in society) may learn that the Meat Puppets wrote songs other than "Backwater" or "Plateau."

After you've watched both Part One and Part Two of Harris' interview with the Kirkwood brothers, listen to the title track from the new album. It's a sweet, strange silvery, little song—with kick-ass guitar work—that is quintessentially Meat Puppets and proves that though much has changed for the brothers Kirkwood, much remains the same.