Alive After One Hundred and Five


940a/1248378713-matthopperflier.jpgLast night at Alive After Five, puddles of people oozed across the sun-baked pavement finding little solace from the 100-plus degree weather. Cold beverages and Ben and Jerry's ice cream helped, as did the paper fans, lip balm and sunscreen packets available at the PacificSource Health Plans booth (until they ran out), but damn little. The people coping best with the torrid temps were the tykes cavorting in the fountain.
Music from Colorado-based Head for the Hills had people with good internal thermometers dancing their Birkenstocks off, while they fiddled through some brilliantly played bluegrass.
Matt Hopper and The Roman Candles opened the set and, for far too short a period, delivered finely crafted Americana/pop/rock tunes. Hopper's voice which stretches from raspy whispers to clear falsettos can be something to behold (or behear) and I'm not the only one who thinks so. A guy stopped by the Boise Weekly table and feverishly flipped through the current issue.
"Where do I find out who's playing right now?" he questioned.
"It's Matt Hopper and The Roman Candles," I helped.
"Are they local?" he asked.
"Yep," I bragged.
"Those harmonies are amazing," he suggested.
"Oh, I know," I agreed.