World Watches Boise Fashion


Earlier this week I ran into photographer Thomas Lea, whose Boise fashion blog I frequent. I chatted him up for a few about while at the corner of Eighth and Idaho streets, as he snapped photos of a stylish couple on the other side of the street.

Interesting tidbit from Lea: on average, two-thirds of his Web traffic is international. Typically Lea gets between 50 and 90 hits a day and, he says, a good deal of it is from waaay beyond Boise.

He credits his link to Easy Fashion in Paris, a fashion photo blog on the streets of Paris set to the tunes of (currently) the Beach Boys. Apparently "Fred," who runs Easy Fashion has returned the link favor and it's driving a decent amount of regular traffic to Lea's site from as far as Russia and Singapore.

Better start thinking twice, kids, before you don your Tevas and that questionably clean fleece and head downtown.