Comidas Cubano



The Diaz father/son delivery team.

A couple of weeks ago we discovered a mom and pop lunch delivery had opened up shop carting Cuban food all over town.

Old Havana Cafe was a good thing for two reasons:
1. We're always in the market for new ethnic cuisine.
2. We have an in-house expert on Cuban food.

Today we had lunch delivered to the office and here's a round up of what the BW peeps had to say about their Caribbean lunch.

The El Jamon was a beautifully layered sandwich of ham, some brown meat (pork?), swiss cheese, mustard and pickles on a big challah-like roll. Maybe it’s how the ham is cured, but unlike store-bought, lunchmeat ham, the meat in the El Jamon actually had a flavor: a salty, rich flavor. Delish.
—Amy Atkins

Very phallic, but very good. Strangely enough, I can see why Butch went to Cuba to sell Idaho products — lots of meat and potatoes.
—Deanna Darr

Pues, este ropa vieja de Old Havana Café tiene sabor y carne superior de la de la Isla misma. Sus ingredientes y especias traen una nota de Cuba pero con la riquesa y preparacion que demandan los Yanquis y los expats en Miami. Y sus platanos fritos puedo comer todo la tarde. Solo falta una bebida puro Cubano, algo con ron, con mente, con azucar, con mucho hielo.
—Nato, editor de noticias

With a slogan like "Cuban food is not just for Castro anymore," it kinda makes you feel like a guerilla foodie just ordering a plate.

E-mail or call in your order a day ahead of time (or if you forget, you have until 9 a.m. that morning) at 208-891-5707 or


The office spread.


My lunch. Ropa vieja and papas rellenas, fried mashed potato balls filled with spicy ground beef.