From the congested e-mail inbox of the A&E editor: My Awesome Mixtape


I've been listening to a lot of pop music lately: Junior Boys (love them!), British duo La Roux, Little Boots and Marina and the Diamonds.

My Awesome Mixtape is an Italian pop band, and clicking on a link in an e-mail about the band brought up a Piazza Delight page with a couple of MAMT videos including one for a lovely song titled "Brotherhood."
The e-mail touted the release of a free download for their new EP, Other Houses. The text on the Web page I landed on is in Italian (although "Brotherhood" is sung in English). It took a little sleuthing, but I eventually found the EP (scroll down until you see Scarica “Other Houses Ep”). I like the on-the-plaza, live version of "Brotherhood" better than the mix on Other Houses, but overall, the EP is a fun intro to MAMT and yet another pop band to add to the list of my growing obsession.