Pat Benatar still Hits It With Her Best Shot 30 years later


I phoned in that pun, I know, but it's true. Last night's show at the Knitting Factory Concert House was part of Benatar and husband/guitarist Neil "Spyder" Giraldo's 30th anniversary tour. They pulled out all the hits and, while I think the audience would have allowed for a handful of experimental, jazz or new pieces, everyone was really there for the nostalgia and Benatar delivered.

Dressed rather conservatively in a black skirt, black jacket and black knee-high boots and pushing back curly, red, shoulder-length hair, Benatar told the crowded house that she and Giraldo visit Boise quite often—"Unbenownst to you guys"—before launching into a roughly 90-minute set that included "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" (my amateur video included below), "Hell is for Children," "Love is a Battlefield," "Heartbreaker" and "Invincible," a song she said was in "one of the worst movies ever [The Legend of Billie Jean]." She also belted out "You Better Run," the second video to ever air on MTV.

Strong-voiced, Benatar hit all the high and low notes, and with a few slightly different phrasing and arrangement changes, she sounded much like she did when she—and many of us there last night—were much younger. As an audience, we bathed in the nostalgia of the night, mopped our brows with lyrics long memorized and fanned our faces with remembrances of how much we loved these songs. Benatar made us Promises in the Dark, and she kept them. (I know, I know.)