From BW to Pearl Jam


d1cd/1247499774-conan1.jpgWhen Conan O'Brien took over "The Tonight Show" last month, he chose Pearl Jam to play the first show out of the gates. Little did we know at the time that the old six-degrees of separation rule of thumb would apply between you, readers, and Conan O'Brien.

First, there's you.
Then, there's BW.
Third: "This Modern World" cartoonist Tom Tomorrow, who you can always find in the first two or three pages of BW every week.
Then there's Pearl Jam.
Last, Conan O'Brien.

And yes, that's only five degrees to Conan but a mere four to PJ.

Missing a link somewhere between three and four? When he was introducing PJ, Conan held up a mockup of part of the cover for PJ's new album Backspacer. And who do you think designed the cover ... Tom Tomorrow.