Blogger's block


One of the hardest things to do is write a column. I know. I've tried. I've done it semi-successfully over the years. But inevitably, I always peter out. I'm not the long-term columnist type. Eight-hundred or so words, every week, year after year... it gets tiresome. My hat goes off to those that can do it. Bill Cope is one. (Luv ya Bill!)

But a blog is something different. Sure there are those that blog every day. I'm more like the blogger that does so when he feels like it. And tonight, the green fairy is helping me write a little bit. Why tonight? I'm not sure. I've been feeling distraught lately. My guilty feelings of not having contributed to the BLINGO thang lately have been building. But also my own personal life has been seeing some turmoil. I've always walked that fine line between public and private, what to say in an editor's note, or not say. I've not wanted to bother the general public, or those regular readers who seek out the Bingo voice (those one or two of you) with my banal self-pitying rants. Unfortunately, you've been subjected to a few over the years.

I'm thinking that I've addressed the spawn stressing me out. Politics has been another. I was injured during an episode where I thought I could train for a marathon... boy, that was a whiny period. I've outed myself like many celebrities about my seasonal affected disorder... you get depressed during winter. Yeah, I should have re-read those columns before I considered moving to Alaska.

Anyway... with a blog you can write as long as you want... when you want. I don't get paid for it, perhaps if I did I would contribute more often.

On the other hand, what is this blog? Is it a diary? Is it a self-promotional tool? (I'm bartending this Saturday night at the Bouquet.) Is is an opportunity to get on my soapbox? Is it an outlet for creative endeavors? I imagine it to be a virtual giant megaphone... letting my voice get heard by those that are opening their ears to such a voice. Whew. Glad I got that off my chest.