Electric Avenue


12be/1247096095-electric2.jpg76dd/1247096123-electric1.jpgSomeday I'll tell my grandkids about what I did today.

I took my first ride in an electric car this afternoon.

I've been working on a story for next week's Green Issue, and by chance, when I went to meet a source this morning, I got a look at one of the few electric cars currently out on the road in Boise.

At the time, it was in a back bay the auto body shop getting a minor adjustment so we couldn't take it out for a spin.

A few hours later, it was ready to go and I had an offer to take a ride.

"Sparkee" is a retrofitted white Toyota Tercel and she does about 50 mph at a cost of 2 cents per mile.

Read next Wednesday's issue for the whole story.