Perfect Potties


We all have horror stories about that public bathroom that still haunts your nightmares years—and bottles of anti-bacterial hand lotion—later.

But a few restrooms out there tip the scales on the other end of the spectrum. Maybe they are covered in elaborate murals or mosaics. Maybe there’s fine furniture and a chandelier in a waiting room, where a uniformed attendant hands you fluffy white towels and mints. Maybe there’s gilding, a massive fish tank, two-way glass or beverage service involved.

If so, we want to know about it.

Send your recommendations for what you think are Boise’s best bathrooms. Just remember, we don’t want to hear about Aunt Betty’s bathroom—they have to be accessible to the public, or at least to a curious reporter or two. Just send us a brief description of why you think said bathroom is so super-fabulous, and where it can be found.

Send recommendations to Features Editor Deanna Darr at