BW gives away $250 to drink


143c/1247010453-winnerweb.jpgDrinks are on Al Vogt.

Today Vogt walked into BWHQ to claim a prize we've long been dangling out there: more than $250 in gift certificates to bars throughout the valley.

Twenty-nine-year-old Vogt, who is a part owner of the Ranch Club in Garden City, started BW's Bar Bar ScaBARger Hunt the day it hit stands a few months ago. The mission: to visit more than 50 bars and collect stickers as proof he'd bellied up. Vogt and a group of buddies started out in Canyon County and from there, Vogt spent the next few weeks tackling the hunt region by region.

He said the hunt included a number of bars he'd never been to, but one in particular stood out as the coolest stop: Barb's Tavern in Nampa.

Congrats and cheers, Al.

Al Vogt shows off the sticker
he got at his own bar the Ranch Club.