At least I don't have goats on my roof


Raccoons are not an uncommon site in my Bench-area neighborhood or, more specifically, in my backyard. Drawn to the bowls of food and water I leave on my deck for my cats, they are not particularly fearful—of me or my felines—and slowly amble away when I shoo them. When a particularly big raccoon started showing up regularly, I considered calling Dave's Urban Wildlife Control to see about having her removed until I realized she was so large because she'd recently given birth (her teats were hanging and swollen). The idea of leaving a litter of baby raccoons motherless was unbearable and when she started bringing all five of them around, they were so damn cute, I was even less inclined to call.
I haven't seen the furry family in awhile. I was thinking about how if they do come back, I will have to call Dave's and what a pain in the ass—and possibly my wallet—it will be to have them all removed when my father-in-law sent me these photos. Yes, those are two goats and yes, that is the roof of his house.