Bars and Stripes forever


8608/1246830711-cover1-1.jpg (Cover of Boise Weekly's coldest beer issue by Kelly Knopp, titled Whistlin' Fixie.)

Racers waited on the curb in front of Boise Weekly HQ for the go ahead to grab their bikes and head out for Bars and Stripes 2009. (Click for video)

This is my first attempt at recording video with an iPhone. I learned a few things:
1.Do not flip from a vertical to horizontal aspect while filming. Thank goodness for Tyler Bush and his video experience (and software).
2. Make sure your finger, thumb, hand or foot is not covering the lens.
3. Don't forget as the videographer your voice ends up on the video, too.
4. Make sure to keep the camera aimed on people. An empty parking lot and trees are not avant garde, they're just boring.
5. If you walk and continuously pan the camera back and forth, you get a very amateur Blair Witch Project result.