Trash Can Saga, Part II


Day four and still no trash cans.

While the rest of my neighbors received their new, city-approved trash and recycling cans on Monday, June 29, I was left with a void on my sidewalk. Turns out delivery of anything but the standard 95-gallon size was delayed.

At first, I was told my trash can should just take a couple of days. My recycling container would take about four days, despite the delivery program starting only a week earlier.

But as Friday morning dawned, and I still was new-can-less, I called Allied Waste, again, to ask when I might see them, and what I was supposed to do with the growing piles of recycling. Then, I was told the trash cans are taking about a week to get to homes, while the recycling carts are up to two weeks out.

Thankfully, Allied has assured me that the trucks have to pick up my trash in the old containers, while my very gracious neighbors offered to let me dump my recycling in their shiny, new giant tub. Here’s hoping my very own show up at some point.