Hey, That's My Bag


Boise police just left the scene of a bomb scare after the dude showed up to claim the "suspicious bag."

About an hour ago, someone called the cops because there was a gym bag in the lobby at the Farmers and Merchants Building (Bank of Cascades) at 9th and Idaho streets. The six-story building was evacuated and when someone in the crowd realized that it was a "green, gym-type bag," they stepped up and claimed it, according to police.

But Boise cops aren't mad:

"The bag in the lobby certainly looked abandoned and out of place. The employees did the right thing by calling police to come check it out," said Boise Police Lt. Stan Niccolls of the Boise Bomb Squad who responded to the scene. "Even if it causes a little inconvenience, Public safety is the most important thing. We can now assure them the bag isn't a threat to their safety."

"If it's a suspicious bag, walking up and checking it out is not recommended," police spokeswoman Lynn Hightower said. "It's really kind of sad that we have to think that way in this day and age."

Does anyone ever think to look in a suspicious bag for ID before freaking out anymore? Discuss.