Finding substantial girl pop in the Web vortex


The proliferation of Lady GaGa videos on MTV or VH1 (I can never remember which one actually shows music videos any more) indicates a trend of interesting, up-and-coming female pop singers on the scene.

Lady's danceable beats and The Jetsons-meets-Xanadu fashion sense makes her fun to watch—the zippered eye-patch and LED sunglasses are pretty damn cool. Too bad her sometimes mind-numbing lyrics are made all the more so by their monotony. "My my my poker face" makes me want to smash something. And somebody give her a quarter already so she can ride that disco stick.

A few young women on the scene, however, are combining avant garde looks and stylish video concepts with more thoughtful lyrics. The songs are no less poppy but more entertaining for their substance.

A friend sent me a link to a Marina & The Diamonds video for "Obsessions," which led to "I Am Not A Robot," a video in which body makeup plays as large a role as the comely singer—who looks like a cross between Amy Winehouse and Kelly Clarkson—but whose lyrics don't take a back seat to her style.

A little research on Marina led to the discovery of Brit-pop duo La Roux and singer Elly Jackson's front-heavy mohawk and I've been desk dancing to "Bulletproof" all day.

Little Boots, another British electro-pop singer, popped up in conjunction with a La Roux search. The 20-something's talent is clear from the get go, but listen to the live version (above), the bedroom version and the produced version of "Meddle" and see that her ingenuity is as much a part of her music as the music itself.