Finn Riggins Named One of Boston Phoenix's Top 50 New Bands


The Boston Phoenix just announced its annual Top 50 Best New Bands in the United States, and Finn Riggins took the honor as the Gem State's entry.
Since relocating to Boise—and losing the parenthetical punctuation in their name—the trio of Cameron Bouiss, Eric Gilbert and Lisa Simpson has been playing out all over town and throughout the West. Their summer schedule even has them going abroad, including a show in Kenya.
Could their spot on the Phoenix's list be what propels them into the stratosphere of stardom? Maybe not, but for months, I've been suggesting it may not be long before we see FR shaking hands with Jimmy Kimmel or Conan O'Brien or Ellen DeGeneres after a talk-show performance. So if one of their talent scouts happens to see the list ... who knows?
Boise-based band The Very Most made the list last year and, along with Low-fi, the two bands are playing a show at the Linen Building this Thursday. Pick up tomorrow's issue of BW for more info.

Here's why the Phoenix found FR so fab:

CITY: Boise
SONG THAT GOT US: “Pankakes”
RECORD LABEL: Tender Loving Empire
WHY THEM? Finn Riggins deliver a winning combo of whirling post-punk, krautrock, and psyched-out organ jams. The Boise trio dabbles in a little bit of everything. Steel drums bang away in hypnotic little patterns while singer Lisa Simpson (for real?!) croons and vamps like the spooky ghost of a coffee-shop balladeer. They’ve been ripping up the Pacific Northwest and Idaho for a few years now, and their new record, A Soldier, A Saint, An Ocean Explorer, bristles with friction and brilliant ideas. Whoever the other band in Boise is should be taking close notes.
BONUS BIT! The co-ed threesome formed when they met in college in Moscow—but before you haul them off to Guantanamo, realize that it’s Moscow, Idaho.