Sunday, Bloody, Sunday


I'll admit, I'm used to getting calls about Food News. Over the last few days, I've fielded a handful of phone calls and e-mails about my most recent brief on Eagle restaurants.

In it, I complained loudly about the lack of Sunday food choices in Eagle, which recently resulted in a pretty crappy experience at one of the only open joints. Then I swore off that restaurant for good, as well as all other Eagle eateries on Sunday.

I'll admit that I'm inclined to change my tune ever so slightly in retrospect, at least as far as the latter is concerned. Two Eagle restaurants, both of which have pretty glowing recommendations from trusted foodies, are open on Sunday. Neither of which I'd thought of, and both of which I would have checked out had I thought of them. Follow?

So where will I be dining next time I'm in Eagle on a Sunday? I'll have to toss a coin. Heads: Rachel K's Bistro; tails: Bella Aquila. Both serve brunch and if you're an Eagle-based, mimosa-swilling, Sunday brunch seeker, I hear both will do you right.