The Ted Rall Meet Mission


I'm on a mission to meet Ted Rall today.

I walked by him yesterday and I was just itching to shove my hand in his direction and introduce myself, but he was on his cell phone and I was on my way to a meeting.

I'm in Tucson, Ariz., along with Publisher Sally Freeman, Art Director Leila Rader and News Editor Nathaniel Hoffman for the annual convention of our trade association, the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies. Once a year, the alt weekly trenches empty out in cities all across America to convene and bitch about what commonly ails us. We share ideas, network, meet new vendors, get to know our syndicated columnists and illustrators, and, of course, drink copious amounts of booze on someone else's tab. (Thanks for the party, Google. Last night as a damn good time.)

When BW brought Ted Rall to Boise to speak a few years ago, I was on hiatus and didn't get the chance to meet him. Lately, Rall has been taking some flak from BW readers. Ironically the conservatives are probably loving Rall right now while the liberals accuse him of being too liberal. Without doubt I'm his biggest supporter on the BW editorial team and that's good news for Rall. (Hey, if you're only gonna win over one of six, you might as well get the decision maker, right.)

Got something you want me to tell him? E-mail me. I'll check my e-mail via phone all day and pass on your message. Gotta go ... I'm sure there's free coffee somewhere waiting for my half-hangover.