The past few days have been the hottest we've had yet and in the back of my mind I'm a little worried about my babies. My babies are my corn, cucumbers and watermelons at my Alpine Acres, the garden I tend over on the Bench. They are just a few inches high and haven't had to suffer such heat yet. They only get watered once a week, a deluge from thousands of gallons I slosh over their petit little bodies on Fridays. When I irrigate it turns the whole 10,000 square feet into what looks like an anemic rice paddy. But the once a week deep watering is what the root systems need, to go deeper, not shallower as a more frequent watering would do.
Hopefully, many will survive and grow stronger so we can eat their fruits later in the summer.

I laugh at mother nature's cruel joke just now. As I am writing this a short shower of rain dropped outside my window on the metal patio cover. It's nothing more than a spit, but maybe it will give some releif to my drought worries.

Sweet corn, winter squash, melons... I'm excited to see if I can tend them to fruition. But once the initial danger of heat and infant survival is past, they face an army of other pests. I found raccoon tracks in the ditch mud and you know how raccoons love to decimate a watermelon patch.