Safety on the Roads


2902/1245189815-32032426.jpgThe discussion about safety on the roads has hit a fevered pitch after the tragic deaths of three cyclists in just the last month.

Beyond the outcry from the public about the need for an improved bike lane system in the city, much of the talk has been focused on just who is responsible for what when it comes to bikes and cars coexisting on the roads.

And while Idaho’s bike laws seem a little haphazard at times, many in the cycling community are busy shooting out messages reminding everyone that just a little courtesy and ethics on the part of both groups can go a long way towards saving lives.

Some of the best tips to make their way to my inbox come from The group was founded by Utah-based professional cyclist David Zabriskie after he was repeatedly hit by cars while riding on roads in the United States. One wreck even put his cycling career in question.

The Web site is dedicated to making conditions safer for bikes, and a big part of that is through safety and education.

Check out the safety tips and rules of the road for both cyclists and drivers, and watch it out there.