Weekend hail


I checked on my "secret garden" today. It's a secret because until you are in it you don't really know it's there, not because I'm growing illegal things. I would never consider that. I'm too paranoid and a bad poker player. So anyway, I was at the garden and I noticed big holes in all the leafs. At first I thought I had some strange pest. But the holes were more like rips and tears.I knew it rained this weekend, and at one point saw some small pea sized ice chunks mixed in with the rain, but it wasn't enough to do this kind of damage.

So I put on my sleuth hat. Apparently, while I was cavorting at the Martini Mix-Off gala, there was a nice little hailstorm in town that did the damage. I haven't checked on some of my other gardens yet but it seems the plants will survive. New leaves will appear.

I recall growing up on the truck farm in Colorado a severe hail storm that hit about two weeks after my dad got 500 tomato plants in the ground. The poor plants were stripped of all leaves and I actually think I saw my dad shed a tear. But, within a few weeks, new growth appeared and they came back. So nature marches on.