A Cure for Lawn Angst


458d/1244153239-1747945.jpgBeing a relatively new homeowner, I have found that my house throws a new set of problems at me each season.

It’s a never-ending parade of challenges: discovering, painfully, which spots on the sidewalk like to ice up in winter; where the wasps like to build nests; which trees can drop 50 pine cones in a week; which sprinkler can hit you in the face with the force of a pressure washer as soon as you drop your attention, etc …

Beyond the occasionally panicked calls to my parents for help, I find I have a new appreciation for any service that makes my life even slightly easier. Hence, I was overjoyed when I discovered the “ask an expert” section on the Zamzows Web site. Not only is it a local company, but it’s manned by local people who get back to you quickly, and who actually seem to know what they’re talking about.

I sent a question earlier today, wondering if the mushroom village that has sprung up in my yard is something to worry about, or if I should just prepare for a bunch of woodland ferries or leprechauns to move in.

Within just a few hours, I not only received a reply, but an in-depth, thoughtful on. Finally, an outlet for my lawn care neurosis. I highly recommend this free service for anyone who shares my yard maintenance angst.