What's up with NYT love fest for BOI?


The New York Times is dropping in on Boise again, this time listing a typical North End cottage in its Great Homes and Destinations section.

4aa0/1243373397-nyt_clip.jpgWhat? Is the Gray Lady stepping on our Home Sweet Home turf? First we're dealing with smog, then we're a media lab for Barack Obama's federal stimulus package and now, we're the freshest sheen on mid-$200,000 housing prices in the entire nation.

Under the headline "What You Get For ... $230,000," part of the Times' What You Get For ... series, the three-bedroom, two-bath North End house is matched up with a condo in downtown Nashville and a big, old house in an older Pittsburgh 'hood.

Best of all, the pictures for the story—like in all of the recent NYT stories about BOI—is shot by BW's own Paul Hosefros. Actually, we thought we stole him after he retired from the New York Times, but he seems to be quite busy with his New York Times sinecure. Go Paul.

The house is at 20th and Heron, 1418 N. 20th to be exact. And you can't miss it: a Ron Paul sign is still up (don't worry, it's a rental and the dude is moving out soon). Jennifur Newhouse, the Keller Williams Realty agent who is selling the house, said the price is negotiable and may drop soon.

Newhouse told CobWeb that NYT reporter Mike Powell called her quite randomly. Powell has never been out West, save a little trip to Cali. Newhouse had some advice for him after a 45-minute chat about Boise: "You need to get out of New York."