Street Spit wild man Jon Metz recently left Boy-zee in search of a state with more wilderness and more madness and he's most definitely found it beyond the lower 48. Here's an excerpt from his latest "wassup be-dub" e-mail update:

"It's crazy up here, sun never sets, bars open till 430 AM and it's like the freakin Discovery channel. Went rafting yesterday and saw a newborn moose with momma moose on the banks—was sooo cute until a freakin pack of coyotes jumped out of the woods and tried to Al-Qaeda the baby. Momma had none of the hijackings and started charging the little dingos back into the woods. I think the little fella made it. Then saw a grizzly like 15 minutes later, seriously, like the zoo up here. "

Hell, Metz, it's almost like BWHQ. Almost.