Holiday Dreamin'


b529/1243271876-beer.jpgThis blog is supposed to be all about our ramblings in the community—talking about what happens when we’re out and about. But today, when everyone else is out and about, we’re in and here.
Deadlines never stop, and for some reason people seem to want to see a weekly paper EVERY week, holiday or no. That’s why the BW editorial staff is ensconced in our office on this glorious Memorial Day.
Holidays are the unfortunate casualty of a career in journalism. Sure, the job seems all fun and glamorous when you’re meeting celebrities and politicians, but come a Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, and, yes in some cases, even Thanksgiving or Christmas, when you find yourself strapped to a keyboard in your lonely little office, you can feel a little resentful.
Those holidays are the ones you spend casting furtive glances out the windows and trying not to think about all the fun everyone else is having. You try to not think about all the picnics you’re not at, the lakes you’re not floating across or the cold beers you’re not sipping. And you try not to hate all the people who are at the picnics, floating across the lakes and drinking the beer. Jerks.
Instead, you try extra hard to be productive—at least in those few moments when you’re not staring out the window daydreaming.
If there is a faint silver lining to the holiday work schedule, it’s the fact that at least there is no traffic and you can park on the street for free all day.
So, if you decide to take a break from your holiday festivities and actually read this, think of us fondly. Better yet, bring us a beer.