Bill Bellamy leads to late night


Last Thursday, I went with my boss, my trainer and our respective mates to Hijinx Comedy Club to catch Bill Bellamy, who may be best known as a former MTV VJ and, more recently, host of NBC’s Last Comic Standing. I had no idea what to expect from Bellamy, but half hoped his set wouldn’t only center on those two aspects of his career. He delivered.

Bellamy eschewed any discussion of MTV or NBC and instead offered a routine that was at once familiar and foreign and funny as hell. Once members of the packed house relaxed and stopped looking around to see if other people were chuckling at Bellamy’s politically incorrect humor—in which he dropped zinger after zinger about blacks and whites, Barack Obama and booty in the bathtub—the laughter reached volumes that nearly drowned out the deep-voiced comic.

(On another note, a very pregnant friend of a friend saw Bellamy on Friday night and said she laughed so hard, she almost gave birth. Had that happened, this blog post would have a totally different theme.)
After the show—and after getting past Bellamy’s gigantic gorgeous bodyguard—I had the opportunity to meet the comedian who was lovely and gracious in person. I hope he comes back to town soon.

I need to clear one thing up: I have referred to Hijinx’s Pat Mac and Brian Lee as co-owners (thank you, Web commenter). While that’s not wrong, it’s important to note that Mac and Lee might better be commended for their stellar job as club managers and to note that the club’s two majority owners, Karl Pence and Colby Smith, play a large role in Hinjinx’s day-to-day functions.

If you go see a show at Hijinx, do keep one thing in mind: once the party starts, you may not want it to end. Like me, you might be buying three hotdogs smothered in cheese from a street vendor—one for you, one for your man, one for your new BFF—and check your watch because you haven’t in a while and be dismayed to find it’s after 2 a.m., and be even more dismayed to remember you have a 9 a.m. meeting the next morning. If you’re like me.