week in review


Phew. I made it to Saturday morning alive.

I spent the last week doing nothing but doing. But the good thing about this editor gig is that technically, it's all considered work. Weekend in McCall listening to live music and snapping photos of ice sculptures? Work. Wandering galleries on First Thursday? Work. Judging chocolate for Discovery Center of Idaho's annual chocolate and diamonds fundraiser? Yep, work.

Standouts on my calendar this week included the Basement Gallery's First Thursday show and the Treasure Valley Youth Symphony's Muscial Movies. Perry Allen and his cadre of artists consistently put out some of the most impressive work in town, and this month's show was easily one of the best I've seen from the group. The young orchestra performed with the verve and experience of much more mature musicians and I happily look forward to next year's event.

On the restaurant front this week, I ate my way through seven days. Here's the list since last Sunday: Lardo's (get the birthday treatment just for fun), Chapala (the chaps at the McCall location are happily scrappy), Harrison Hollow (mmm ... soba salad), Flying M (best double Americano in town), Flying Pie (gourmet night, of course), Idaho Native Taters (truck food at Beacon and Protest), Starbucks (best place to go where I know no one), Alia's (once a week whether I need it or not), Sockeye (Dagger Falls is back for you hopheads), O'Michael's (homemade soup everyday), Berryhill (gnocchi and gimlets, thanks very much).

Yep, I'm certainly doing my part to keep the restaurant business alive and well in Boise.